A Family who Plans Together

Our family vacations start a full 11 months before we head to the world. We believe that part of the fun of a family vacation comes from the anticipation of the trip.  While we do like to plan, once we get to Disney we like to kick back and relax.

Who's the WDW Planner?

That would be Dad.  Mike has always enjoyed playing around with excel files and thinking up new ways to play and budget for our yearly vacations.  Disney can be overwhelming for even the most veteran of vacationers.  We hope that our files will help guide you into what we hope will be some of the most memorable parts of your vacation, PLANNING!

Meet the Family

We enjoy every aspect of a Disney vacation.  We have been DVC members for 8 years as well as AP holders on and off during that time frame. We love to plan together and count the days until we are back to the world.

We hope that we can help you along your journey.

Mike Head Shot


The WDW Planner

First trip to the World when he was 15.  Has enjoyed planning since day one.

Amber Head Shot


Sr Editor

Has ties to the Theme Park industry dating back to 2000.  Considers Disney our "2nd Home".

Alyssa Head Shot


Chief Kid

First Trip to Disney when she was 3 years old and has been back almost every year since.