Alyssa’s top 5’s at Animal Kingdom

Hello everybody I’m Alyssa, and i’m going to make some lists of top 5’s of Disney must do’s in my opinion. I will be doing lots so make sure to come back to see if I posted! I will be starting with Animal Kingdom. Hope I give you some tips on what to try.

Number 1 is best number 5 is worst (again in my opinion).

5. Wilderness Explorers

Now if there is one thing I love, its doing this journal. You go all around the park to get all your badges to become a Wilderness Explorer! Now all the badges are fun to try and you can get some by naming animal noises, finding animals, digging up bones, and many more awesome things. But the best part is definitely getting your Wilderness Explorer badge. After you get all the badges you go to where you learned your Wilderness Explorers call and get your last, and the best badge. Who knows, maybe you can visit Dug and Russell after and show them your cool badge. To get started, just head over to the bridge to Discovery Island!

4. Kilimanjaro Safaris

Now if you are a person who loves animals, this is your ride. Its a slow/medium pace safari ride. You get to see a lot of cool animals and maybe some of your favorites (mine are the Zebra). They tell you fun facts about them and sadly, some sad things people do to them, how rhinos get poached for there horns, cheetahs for there fur same thing with lions, its just sad what people do to them. You must have your camera out for this one though you wont want to miss taking pictures.


This one is very cool, but I think the ones higher on this list are better. I like the story line on this one. Dr. Seeker wants to bring back a dinosaur with the time machine, but it goes wrong fast. There are tons of drops and sudden turns and its really fast so if you don’t like fast rides, this is not for you.

2.Kali River Rapids

Is it a hot day? So what are you going to do? Go on Kali River Rapids! Trust me when I say you will get soaked, been there done that. This is the ride for you if you are really hot. Have a phone with you, or maybe a bag? Don’t worry, they have a compartment if you have stuff you don’t want wet. This ride has 12 seats, so it can fit the family. It turns so everybody gets wet and has some good scenery to look at. Just let me say as a warning for your electronics, DON’T TAKE PICTURES ON THIS RIDE UNLESS YOU ARE OK WITH YOUR PHONE GETTING WET!

1. Expedition Everest

Now the best ride in my opinion is Expedition Everest. There are legends of a Abominable Snowman living in this mountain, are they true? What will you see? Now I know what you are thinking, this is Disney, they’re going to have a Abominable Snowman and yes you are right. Careen through the Himalayan Mountains on a speeding train while avoiding the clutches of the mythic Abominable Snowman. Its dark, has big drops, and “Spoilers” you go backwards, so if you can’t handle these things you may want to skip this one.

So that was my top 5 things you must do at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Hope you enjoyed! Next time i will be doing Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

I’m Alyssa and i’m out, bye!

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Alyssa is an 11 year old Disney fanatic. She is a self proclaimed expert of all things Disney World and always happy share her knowledge.

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