Hidden Mickey Pin Checklists!

Disney Pin Trading has always been something we have really enjoyed while at the parks.  Finding and collecting all the Hidden Mickey pins is fun, if not a challenge.

What is a Hidden Mickey Pin you ask? Well, “HM Pins” are a set of pins that Disney releases every year (excluding 2016) that are only available initially via trading with Cast Members.  Completing each set can be very rewarding, but often takes multiple trips to the World. Disney does eventually release the pins for sale via “blind” mystery packs you can buy from most pin carts around property.

To aid in collecting I have (and will continue to) create PDF tracking files that you can print out and track your collection.  Or, more conveniently the 2017 files have digital tracking capabilities.   Download these to your phone or tablet and use a compatible PDF viewer and you will be able to check off the files digitally on the go. You can even sync to the Cloud and share with the entire family so you always know what pins are included in your collection.  Digital tracking of past years checklists will be made available exclusively to our Patreon backers!

Disney World

Past files coming soon!


Past files coming soon!


    • Thanks for the support Renee! Patron backers will get a new tracking file each and every month, generally the first week of the month. Keep an eye on Patron for updates.

      Thanks again!

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