MaxPass is coming to Disneyland! Is this pay to play?

Maybe, maybe not.

What is MaxPass and when is it coming?  Great question.

MaxPass looks to be the start of a premium service that includes access to digital fast pass reservation via the Disneyland app as well as Digital Downloads of their Photo Pass images taken in that given day.   It was only a matter of time until Disneyland introduced some sort of digital fast pass solution and I must say that I’m not all that surprised to see them charge for this service.  That said, I don’t really see it as a premium front of the line option, if anything, it’s just adding a bit of convenience to a currently inconvenient system.

How much is this going to cost you ask? While Disney is currently listing it as an “introductory price”, its going to set you back $10 per day.  Annual pass members will have an option to buy single day access, or full year, but Disney has not confirmed a price for those options as of yet.  But, you can bet that if this is successful (we think it will be) you will see the price fluctuate depending on demand in the following months.

So why now? It’s not hard to see that The Walt Disney Company has been seeking out new revenue streams over the last few months. The addition of Premium Transportation, Premium Cabanas, not so premium alcohol now available at select dining establishments at the Magic Kingdom, are all steps to increase overall revenues in a way that does not eliminate offerings to the majority of guests.  I see this as the same.  They are not taking away your access to paper fast pass at Disneyland. They are offering up a premium service that adds a bit of convenience to the current system.   While the Photo Downloads are nice, at this point, I just think Disney is tossing that in to provide a “perceived value” at little cost to the company.

So what does this mean for FP+ at WDW.  For now, nothing.  But you can mark my words now, “Premium” access to FP+ for a fee will arrive at Disney World in some form in the not so distant future.

What do you think about MaxPass? Are you going to use it? Leave us a comment down below!

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    • Ya, still not a lot of info about how it will work. My guess is that it will act like the current paper system but allow you to do it via your phone, saving you the time it would take to go get the fast pass. I don’t think it’s going to allow you to book them in advance like it does at Walt Disney World because that would be a HUGE advantage over guests who opt out of paying the premium.

      We will see!

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